The Commission’s main objectives are: reducing Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Cervical and Breast cancer, and Asthma.

To combat obesity, it is necessary to:

  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake (baseline-BRFSS 2011, ENSANUT 2012)

  • Increase physical activity (baseline-BRFSS 2011, ENSANUT 20102)

  • Increase breastfeeding (baseline 2011-PRAMS, birth certificates; ENSANUT 2006, 2012)

  • BMI for women of reproductive age (20 years and older); ENSANUT

  • BMI for older adults-age (adjusted by oversampling of proposed border BRFSS in two consecutive years).


  • Maintain mortality rate (2011 baseline)

  • Improve screening in people 20 years of age and older by 10% (2011 baseline)

  • 50% of patients receive diabetes treatment controlled within normal limits as measured by A1C

  • Reduce the proportion of diabetic adults with A1C >9% (NHANES).

Heart Disease:

  • Maintain mortality rate to 2011 baseline

  • Undergoing blood pressure management via medication (BRFSS or NHANES-U.S.; at least 50% of patients undergoing high blood pressure management that are able to control at < 140/90mmhg-MX).

For Cervical and Breast Cancer:

  • Decrease the mortality in women 25 years and older by 20%

  • Maintain screening for women 25– 64 years (MX) at 80%

  • Screen for women 21 years and older

  • Maintain the coverage of HPV vaccinations for girls 9–11 years at 90%

  • Maintain mortality rate (2011 baseline)

  • Improve screening by 10% in women 40 years of age and older (2011 baseline).

And Asthma:

  • Reduce asthma hospitalization rates by 25%.

Chronic-degenerative diseases

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