The Mexico – United States Border Tuberculosis Consortium is an initiative that gathers more than sixty Public Health and law experts that come from both countries nongovernmental organizations, their states, the academy and the Federal Government. Its purpose is to develop action plans that could strengthen binational border responses to fight against tuberculosis.

The Consortium is one of the binational activities that is coordinated by the Mexico-United States Border Health Commission and has the support and assistance of Tuberculosis specialists from the Federal Health Secretary and other nongovernmental organizations. The consortium is organized once a year and has the goal to plan in advance the monitoring, prevention, and attention of Tuberculosis in a coordinated manner between federal, local and municipal governments.

Their main objectives are:

  • Enhance the continuity of care for patients with tuberculosis.
  • Strengthen binational coordination about how to manage patients with tuberculosis. 
  • Establish a standard for the lineaments for Delivery and Reception of patients with tuberculosis in the border region of Mexico and the Unites States.
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