The purpose of the Binational Border Summit of Reproductive Health is to create a space to gather those interested in reproductive Health, Birth control, and employment equity to measure the attention received specifically on this issue at the border, and this way position it on those matters of important level in order to:  

  • Identify opportunities of collaboration and mutual projects of interest.
  • Call out investigators, practitioners, and political leaders that work on the field of gender equity and reproductive Health.
  • Promote the evidence based on the practice of reproductive Health and create policies that could support the decisions and the security of young women worldwide.
  • Present common problems and look out for the best solution in order to fix these problems trough the development of long and short term plans, to augment the capacity of implementation and information between states and countries.

One of the results derived from the conference has been to identify the necessity to count with a group of Technical Experts on Reproductive Health with a interest and focus on border health that could allow the strengthening of binational collaboration between the interested professionals that confront the issues on this matter.

This Technical Group works mainly on the definition and development of an extended agenda on reproductive Health for the Mexico and US border parting from the discussion of Health necessities on the region and the recommendation to prioritize binational projects that are focused on the achievement on objectives of the program Healthy Border 2020. 

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